Modern Pagans Charles M. Sheldon

ISBN: 9781408609026

Published: October 1st 2007


84 pages


Modern Pagans  by  Charles M. Sheldon

Modern Pagans by Charles M. Sheldon
October 1st 2007 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, audiobook, mp3, ZIP | 84 pages | ISBN: 9781408609026 | 9.46 Mb

MODERN PAGANS - 1917 - CONTENTS CHAPTER I iam The Modern Pagan in His Home. ........ 5 CHAPTER I1 The Modern Evangelist and His Critics. .. 25 CHAPTER I11 The Pagan and the Meetings.. .......... 42 CHAPTER IV The Power of the Spirit. ................MoreMODERN PAGANS - 1917 - CONTENTS CHAPTER I iam The Modern Pagan in His Home. ........ 5 CHAPTER I1 The Modern Evangelist and His Critics.

.. 25 CHAPTER I11 The Pagan and the Meetings.. .......... 42 CHAPTER IV The Power of the Spirit. ................ 60 CHAPTER I - THE MODERN PAGAN IN HIS HOME - It is easy to be civilized and at the same time Godless. MR. RALPH YALLACE sat reading the evening paper, and as his custom was, making comments on his reading to his wife across the table. Like hundreds of other husbands in Westville, he wanted the daily first of all the family, but unlike very many, he did not insist on going off somewhere to devour it alone.

The Womans Federation is after Mr. Uryan again, Lucy. They passed a resolution at their meeting yesterday voting him to be prejudiced. Mr. Wallace chuckled as he glanced at his wife. Mrs. Wallace was a placid, self-contained woman, and she simply smiled and said I didnt vote either way.

The discussion did not interest me. Mr. Wallace was back in the paper. Another wreck on the F. and G. V. Six killed and nine injured. That road ought to run a wrecking outfit and a hospital on every regular passenger train to save time. That makes foulwrecks on the F. and G. V. inside two weeks. Its dreadful, isnt it Mrs.

Wallace murmured as she took another sock out of her bag of mending. I wonder that the public continues to ride at all over that road. 0, they dont care. Life is cheap nowadays and the railroads know it. Theres another riot in Tokio over the peace negotiations. Men are not far from the brute after all they brag of their civilization.

Mr. Wallace turned the paper over and at that moment the oldest boy in the family came into the sittingroom and picked up a pile of books on the reading table. His father looked at him pleasantly and said, How does college go, Harry All right, the boy answered, good- naturedly. The profs. seem to think I havent anything else to do but study, and each one of them acts as if his were the only study worth while, but I guess Im good for them.

So here goes for three hours. The stalwart fellow caught up the books, leaped upstairs to his room three steps at a time, and his father and mother could hear him bolt his door, prepared to shut out his brother John or any visiting chum who might call. Do you think Harry is studying too hard Mrs. Wallace asked, a little anxiously. Mr. Wallace looked up from the paper and smiled. What That young ox Hes sound as a race horse. You ought to have seen him at the football game Saturday.

He isnt suffering any from brain fag. Dont worry. Study is good for the young rascal. I hope the profs. will lay it on good and hard. I wish he didnt play football, Mrs. Wall.ace said, gravely. 1 wonder, RaIph, that you are willing. Mr. Wallace did not reply. There was a mild difference of opinion over the subject in the Wallace family.

It was not very deep or serious, but it was a difference, and Mr. SValIace took the a eround that it was useless to argue with a woman, and seldom did so. But he respected his wifes views and was sorry she did not see the matter as he did. He was still silently reading when Agnes, the older girl, came in from the music room where she had been practicing.

Wheres Harry, mother she said. I want to ask him some questions about the trigonometry for to-morrow. Hes in his room, dear. He just went up there. 0, well, its no use then, Agnes spoke in atone of disappointment.

You know, mother, you could pound the door down and he wouldnt answer. I think he would if anybody tried, Mr. Wallace said with a chuckle...

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