How to Get Strong and How to Stay So : with linked TOC William Blaikie



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How to Get Strong and How to Stay So : with linked TOC  by  William Blaikie

How to Get Strong and How to Stay So : with linked TOC by William Blaikie
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In “How to get strong and how to stay so” by William Blaikie, published in 1884. Within the book he outlines several exercise routines for various groups of people but one in particular his “Daily Exercise for Young Men” wouldn’t look out of place reprinted in a modern fitness magazine. In fact it is not much different than the daily exercise I advise to help with diabetes, with morning resistance training and evening cardio. For prosperity and for those who enjoy a little old school in their exercise routines I outline his workout here.Blaikie hopes this volume will give the reader a nudge to take better care of his body, and so of his health, and then to point out one way to do it.

The contents of this book are: Do We Inherit Shapely Bodies?- Half-Built Boys- Will Daily Physical Exercise for Girls Pay?- Is it Too Late for Women to Begin?- Why Men Should Exercise Daily- Home Gymnasiums- The School, the True Place for Childrens Physical Culture- What a Gymnasium might Be and Do- Some Results of Brief Systematic Exercise- Work for the Fleshy, the Thin, the Old- Half-trained Firemen and Police- Special Exercise for any Given Muscles- and What Exercise to Take Daily.CONTENTS.Do we inherit Shapely Bodies?

9Half-built Boys 23Will Daily Physical Exercise for Girls pay? 42Is it too late for Women to begin? 57Why Men should Exercise daily 74Home Gymnasiums 91The School the true Place for Childrens Physical Culture 104What a Gymnasium might Be and Do 117Some Results of Brief Systematic Exercise 138Work for the Fleshy, the Thin, the Old 154Half-trained Firemen and Police 177Special Exercise for any given Muscles 199a. To Develop the Leg below the Knee 200b. Work for the Front of the Thigh 208c. To Enlarge the Under Thigh 214d. To Strengthen the Sides of the Waist 215e.

The Abdominal Muscles 218f. Counterwork for the Abdominal Muscles 224g. To Enlarge and give Power to the Loins 227h. Development above the Waist 228i. Filling out the Shoulders and Upper Back 230j. To obtain a good Biceps 233k. To bring up the Muscles on the Front and Side of the Shoulder 236l. Forearm Work 237m. Exercises for the Triceps Muscles 238n. To Strengthen and Develop the Hand 241o. To Enlarge and Strengthen the Front of the Chest 243p. To Broaden and Deepen the Chest itself 245[p.8]What Exercise to take Daily 252a. Daily Work for Children 253b.

Daily Exercise for Young Men 273c. Daily Exercise for Women 276d. Daily Exercise for Business Men 278e. Daily Exercise for Consumptives 283Appendix I. 291 II. 291 III. 292 IV. 292 V. 293 VI. 294 VII. 295Conclusion 295

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