When Mother Cries 1: Seed of Discontent Alexander Tetenta

ISBN: 9781453698082

Published: July 9th 2010


502 pages


When Mother Cries 1: Seed of Discontent  by  Alexander Tetenta

When Mother Cries 1: Seed of Discontent by Alexander Tetenta
July 9th 2010 | Paperback | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 502 pages | ISBN: 9781453698082 | 7.73 Mb

Every few decades, a book is published that reminds us of the common thread of humanity that runs through us. A book that fearlessly seeks to address the failings of the past generations, and stirs up the conscience of global citizens in mapping new directions and blazing new frontiers. Alexander Tetentas When Mother Cries is such a book, with a unique story telling style that will appeal to diverse readers. The book tells of a British African, whose personal experiences of growing up in Nigeria relive the plight of many Africans facing corrupt and unaccountable governments.

Alex, in his book does justice in bringing to light the grappling debacle of non-diversified economies, infrastructural decay and lack of progressive leadership plaguing third world nations alike and how that may have shaped and formed his thoughts. Not missing in this Volume though, is the beautiful and imaginative account of a young mans unique experiences that takes readers from the ordinary, through the peculiar, to the very exotic tales of Original African traditions mixed with a genuine, but progressive adherence to contemporary civilization.

Brilliantly interwoven in this Volume of When Mother Cries are avid tales of history and adventure, which marry the complexities of African traditions to the modern concept of Western Civilization. As though an innocent observer of African culture, governance, Economics, family, and social evolution, Alex does justice to this Volume of the book by using his experiences a case study for those seeking to have a full insight into all aspects of African life. The book also touches upon those aspects of his rich African Heritage which are often not appreciated by people outside of the African Orientation.

Alex tells his story in a way that weaves the unique stories of being a student in Africa with his experience of growing up in two different African Cities, including tales from an African village that leaves readers yearning for more.

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